In carrying out its goals, the Coalition has organized a class action lawsuit to address constitutional violations resulting from the City of Detroit’s failure to give homeowners proper notice of their tax assessments.

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Academic Resources

Congressional Testimony of Professor Bernadette Atuahene

Michigan House of Representatives | Bernadette Atuahene | August 2019

Full Report: Preventing Owner-Occupied Property Tax Foreclosures in Detroit: Improving Access to the Poverty Tax Exemption

Alexa Eisenberg & Roshanak Mehdipanah (UM School of Public Health), Ted Phillips and Michele Oberholtzer (United Community Housing Coalition) | December 2018

Taxed Out: Illegal property tax assessments and the epidemic of tax foreclosures in Detroit

Chicago-Kent College of Law | Bernadette Atuahene | June 2018

“Our Taxes Are Too Damn High”: Institutional Racism, Property Tax Assessments, and the Fair Housing Act

Northwestern University | Bernadette Atuahene | June 2018


Chicago-Kent College of Law | Bernadette Atuahene, Timothy Hodge | Jan. 2018

Disinvesting in the City: The Role of Tax Foreclosure in Detroit

Urban Affairs Review 2015, Vol. 51(5) 587–615 | Margaret Dewar1, Eric Seymour, and Oana Druta

Assessment Inequity in a Declining Housing Market: The Case of Detroit

Timothy R. Hodge, Mark Skidmore, Gary Sands, Daniel McMillen | Sep. 2013

Predatory Cities,108 California Law Review 107 (2020).

California Law Review | Bernadette Atuahene | Feb. 2020

Media Coverage

Foreclosed for the cost of an iPhone. That’s life in Wayne County.

Michigan Radio | Sarah Alvarez, Bridge Magazine & Detroit Journalism Cooperative | May 2018

Wealthy San Francisco residents to get private street back, despite skipping taxes for decades

The Washington Post | Avi Selk | Nov. 2017

Study: High assessments might have contributed to Detroit's foreclosure crisis

The Washington Post | Amy Dobson | Oct. 2017

Don't Let Detroit's Revival Rest on an Injustice

New York Times | Bernadette Atuahene | July 2017

Study finds Detroit's foreclosure crisis fueled by illegal tax assessments

Detroit Metro Times | Violet Ikonomova | July 2017

Law prof. says 85% of Detroit homes taxed illegally, contributing to massive foreclosure rates

Michigan Radio | STATESIDE STAFF | July 2017

Detroit's homeowners deserve better

The Detroit News | Bernadette Atuahene | Jan. 2017

Scenes From the Foreclosure Crisis: Water, Land and Housing in Michigan

truthout | Anne Elizabeth Moore & Melissa Mendes | July 2017

Detroit's tax foreclosures indefensible

Detroit Free Press | Bernadette Atuahene | Sep. 2016

The Scandal of the Predatory City

The New York Times | Bernadette Atuahene | June 2020