HPTAP / Poverty Tax Exemption

Are your property taxes unaffordable?

You may qualify for the Homeowner’s Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP), which lowers or eliminates City of Detroit property taxes for homeowners with low incomes. The program only lowers taxes for the year you apply, so you must apply every year.

For help, text 85274 or call 211 for a list of organizations in your neighborhood that provide free assistance for filling out an HPTAP application.

Community Legal Workers

Do you believe that your property tax bill is too high, but you do not qualify for the HPTAP?

If so, you have a right to appeal your property tax assessments and potentially lower your property taxes. Detroit Justice Center (DJC) has a Community Legal Worker program that will assist community members in preparing their appeals, accompany clients to the Board, and provide guidance throughout the process for FREE.