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Stop Property Tax Injustice in Detroit

Since 2008, 1 in 3 Detroit homeowners have lost their homes due to tax foreclosure—the highest number of tax foreclosures in any city since the Great Depression. Also since 2008, Detroit has been illegally inflating its property taxes in violation of the Michigan Constitution, which clearly decrees that a property’s assessed value cannot exceed 50% of its market value.

A University of Chicago study shows that, even after Mayor Duggan tried to fix the problem in 2017, Detroit is still systematically overcharging the lowest valued homes. Another study shows that 25 percent of Detroit’s lowest valued properties would not have gone into tax foreclosure but for these illegally inflated property tax assessments.

These are deep, systemic problems and Governor Whitmer must act immediately to correct them by:

  1. Investigating the continued over assessments in Detroit;

  2. Devising solutions to fix the problem; and

  3. Providing compensation to homeowners who were overtaxed and then lost their homes to tax foreclosure.

Sign our petition below to demand that Governor Whitmer investigate the over assessments in Detroit, devise solutions to ensure it ends, and provide compensation to affected homeowners.

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